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Windows Vista Seven theme, also written Windows Vista S3ven, is a good theme for Windows Vista that will satisfy the needs of those users who want to give a new look to their Windows Vista.

When we knew that Windows Vista was going to be a revolution about the look and feel, we received lots lots of skins and themes emulating Vista effects for Windows XP, now that people have Windows Vista installed, we see how designers start changing the look and feel of Windows Vista.

This time, we have seen how Besnath want to change Windows Vista and he has added a bit more of transparency, different icons, logon, bootscreen, vs, back and forward buttons, some images ad icons,...

As we know that you always want to have the trendiest desktop, we offer you this cool theme for Windows Vista. We are sure you will enjoy it.

If you do not know how to change the themes in Windows Vista, just install Vista Glazz.

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